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Billing/Cancel Requests/Order Review

ClickBank is our 3rd party processing company who securely processes our transactions.

They offer an easy to use SELF SERVICE PORTAL where you can look up your purchase history, including your order with us here at Keto Resource!

To look up your order, click here

Then, enter the email address  you used on the order form, along with your ClickBank order number.  Then click the 'Look up my order' button to pull up your order.  

**for security reasons, you will be sent a code via email from noreply@clickbank.com that you will use to access your information 

Now, if you've changed your mind about a purchase made with us, we understand!  You can request to REFUND the purchase within 24 HOURS of purchase by using ClickBank's SELF SERVICE PORTAL

Once you have pulled up your invoice(s) in ClickBank, open the invoice you wish to refund.

Then, click the 'Get Support' button and select 'Refund'.  Then, select the 'Reason' from the drop down menu and provide any comments you wish, then click the SEND button to submit the request.  

You will receive an email from noreply@clickbank.com once the request has been processed.  


The invoice you are viewing is for ONLY the S&H fee you opted to pay to receive a printed copy of our FREE Simply Tasty Keto + InstaKeto book.  If the book has already shipped, the S&H fee is non-refundable.  OR, the invoice is beyond our 60 day refund period.

Not to worry!  Simply CLICK HERE to send us an email detailing your issue to support@ketoresource.org

Be sure to type the words 'KETO BILLING' in the subject line of the email so we can more quickly resolve your request.

Please also supply the following information in your email:

-Billing Name

-Email address submitted on order form

-ClickBank order number

Once we receive your email, we will process your request. You will be sent an email from noreply@clickbank.com once the request has been processed.